Our Bolton store’s Community Champion Christine Baldwin worked with a local housing group to create this epic display from recycled bottles for the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.

Hundreds of poppies made from the bottles have been displayed on a tree at the store, and the group made an even bigger display which they placed on the steps of Bolton town hall on Remembrance Sunday.

Members of the public can add a gift tag to the tree with a message for family or friends lost in conflicts.

The project is being funded by Bolton at Home Drummond Street Housing group and Christine has spent the last few months volunteering for the charity’s war project.

One of the groups involved in the project has been working hard in the store’s community room to make the poppies.

Christine said: "This project has been fantastic as it has joined all the different groups together with the aim of supporting the Royal British Legion, creating the magnificent tree at the store and the huge installation which everyone will be so proud to see on Remembrance Sunday.

“Everyone had some involvement with the project which is great because they will all feel proud of what they’ve achieved.”

Volunteers from the Royal British Legion have been collecting at our Bolton store over the last two weeks, as they have in other Asda stores across the country.