Thanks to all of our Facebook fans who suggested names for our new festive chocolate hippo … the overwhelming favourite was Holly!

Holly Hippo is now available online and in selected stores along with Mr Cool the Polar Bear, Christmas Cheeky Monkey and Chocolate Santa – they’re all £3.50. They’re available in selected stores too, please call ahead to check availability if you’re planning a special trip.

Our team created the chocolate hippo specially for Christmas, and loads of fantastic suggestions were put forward – including Harry, Hetty and Happy Potamus. But Holly proved to be the most popular choice by some distance with over 500 fans suggesting it.

Among the thousands of comments on the Facebook post was a cute poem shared by Elspeth Durrand. Here it is in full:

We were so impressed that we decided to send Elspeth and her family the first batch of the new Holly Hippos as a little thank you.

Elspeth said: “My two eldest grandchildren, Lucy and Scott, were delighted to be the first to have a Holly Hippo!” Here they are with the chocolate treats: