Asda customer Penelope posted a lovely message on Facebook thanking our Middlesbrough colleague Wendy for the way she calmed her little boy Junior when he was throwing a tantrum.

Penelope said her shopping trip with Junior had turned into a real ordeal and she was dreading getting to the checkout with an unhappy toddler.

But 16-month-old Junior immediately calmed down when Wendy took him in her arms and entertained him as she scanned Penelope’s shopping.

Penelope, 26, said: “She was so good with him – she was just lovely. It genuinely meant the world to me to be given just a little helping hand.”

And when she posted her message on Facebook other customers at our Middlesbrough store left comments to say how friendly and helpful Wendy is with their own children.

Wendy, 59, has worked at the store for 29 years and has two children and six grandchildren. She said: "He seemed a bit anxious so I just told his mum to pass him to me and he was quite comfortable and settled watching me put the shopping through.

“My kids are grown up now but I can sympathise with any mum in that situation. I just do what I can to take the pressure off them.

“He’s a lovely lad. Having a laugh with the kids who come in is one of the best things about the job – and I’m a big kid really so I’ve always got on well with them!”

Penelope said: "I pop in to the store most days to pick up a few bits and we were there on Thursday afternoon.

“He was just being a bit of a nightmare and he was screaming for most of the way round, which obviously stressed me out.

“I got to the checkout and it was really difficult putting the shopping on the conveyor and holding Junior at the same time. Wendy saw this and just said ‘come here’.

“So I passed him over and he immediately seemed to calm down. She kept him entertained by talking to him and he was happy just watching her put all of my shopping through. He was really interested by it.

“I appreciated it so much because it gave me enough time to pack my shopping and made the whole thing much less stressful.”

“I was able to say a quick thank you to her but there was a queue of customers waiting so there wasn’t time to thank her properly. That’s why I posted on Facebook – I wanted people to know how fantastic Wendy had been, thank her properly and get her some recognition.

“As soon as I posted it, people were writing comments saying that Wendy had helped them in similar ways – so many people had wonderful things to say about her! I realised she must do this all the time.”

Here are some of the comments:

Jayne Mitchell: “She is lovely – she did the same with my little girl and always makes a fuss of her to entertain her whilst I packed my shopping xx”

Jade French: “She’s the friendliest lady she has had my 2 play counting games to see how many items we pack to keep them occupied before and she always chats away to the customers x”

Sharon Louise Smith: “She’s a lovely women she always gives our Harley tokens to put in boxes so nice to see people appreciate good customer service x”

Les Pinchbeck: “She is a godsend when it comes to calming kids and making life that bit easier. She manages to calm mine. A credit to Asda and should be recognised”

Val Hunt: She is such a lovely lady, always has time with a smile and kind word, whilst doing her job. Asda wouldn’t be the same without her. Well done Wendy, means a lot to customers"

Samantha Relph: “This lady is so lovely, she always takes the time to chat and ask how your day is going and she remembers that my little boy likes the ‘green pennie’ to put in the charity boxes! Mind you, all ASDA Southbank staff are brilliant”

The store’s Service Section Leader Margaret Hodgson said: “She’s a really charming lady, very bubbly and loves kids, and she gets on so well with all of our customers and colleagues too.”