Two pairs of identical twins at our Boston store have everyone seeing double

June 23, 2020

Meet identical twins Lauren and Charlotte Wisker and Jay and Callum Troop who all work at our Boston store.

Customers often do a double take when they see the 20 year olds Lauren and Charlotte on checkouts and home shopping and Jay and Callum, who are 17, on ambient.

Lauren, pictured far left, and her sister – who work at their store when they return home from university – joined Asda on the same day a year ago.

Lauren said: "We pretty much work the same shifts – we come as a pair! It's nice working with my sister but a lot of people do get confused though. They say 'I thought I just saw you... how did you get here so quickly?' And I do get a lot of questions about being a twin, especially when we are on checkouts and Charlotte is on the one next to me.

"It's really unusual working alongside other twins too and people think that being a twin, you can tell other twins apart but you can't. It's a good job everyone wears their name badges!

"It's fun being a twin. When we were little and went to my aunty's we used to go to the bathroom and change over our clothes to trick everyone!"

Store manager Jon Desborough says it's great having both sets of twins working in store, and agrees that it can get confusing at times.

He said: "I've worked in stores where there's been one set of twins, but not two, so it's very unusual. A lot of people get them muddled up as they do look identical, so it's a good job they wear their name tags!

"They are great members of the team. They've got great energy and just get on with their jobs. They're a credit to their parents."