Customers tell us how much they love ever-smiling colleague Lauren's friendly service

October 23, 2020

Our wonderful colleague Lauren Low loves putting a smile on customers' faces at our Arbroath store with her friendly service and positive outlook on life – and shoppers have been quick to tell us how much they appreciate it, with one saying: "You can't get that big smile from anywhere else!”

Kiosk colleague Lauren, who's 25 and has worked at the store for seven years, has been making TikTok videos over the last few months to keep people's spirits up, and says she's stopped by customers who recognise her from her videos

She said: "We've been doing the TikToks now every week since lockdown just to put a smile on people's faces and customers and colleagues do seem to love them. Some of the TikToks have hit 350,000 views which is amazing.

"Customers come up to me and say I've just seen your TikTok and when are you doing another one. It's just nice to be able to lift people's spirits.

"The customers here are lovely. We're very local store so we have many regular customers – some pop in each day just for their daily paper."

Lauren, who admits to always smiling, said; "It's a great place to work and all the colleagues are are brilliant. We're a great team here."

Regular customer Kat Conner said: "Lauren brings a smile to all! I was a Tesco shopper and I’m not ashamed to admit that after seeing Lauren’s TikToks circulating around with her colleagues in Asda, it lured me into have a look and never looked back.

"She creates a great vibe around the shop and portrays a friendly family atmosphere which is not just great for advertising Asda, but fantastic for the shoppers. Now when I'm doing the weekly shop I have a look for her specifically, she always greets people with the happiest attitude and biggest smile which is absolutely infectious and she couldn't be any more helpful if she tried! I for one am absolutely proud of our Arbroath Asda store and it's all down to her."

Jenna Smith, from Arbroath, said: "I love watching Lauren and the Arbroath Asda Team do their TikToks they always make me smile. Every time you go into the Asda you're always greeted with a smile and a hello from Lauren. She's very friendly and always happy to help."

And customer Lindsey Watson added: "I shop in Asda all the time and Lauren always has a smile on her face. - she will help you with anything. Her TikTok videos during lockdown were the highlight of my week. It fair cheered me up watching them."

Store manager Joe McGrath: "Lauren is such a bubbly, larger than life character who's loved by both customers and colleagues in store.

"What Lauren is really good at is adapting to different customers – whether it be young and old, or new and existing customers. She's so good with them. She's always smiling

"Lauren's been doing these funny TikToks with colleagues on various topics in store – such as stocktaking etc. They are really good and everyone loves them."