It Asda-be love for Valentines Dave and Gemma

February 13, 2021

When Worksop deputy manager Dave Quinlan joined the Asda graduate scheme more than seven years ago, little did he know that he would meet his future fiancée.

Dave, 30 and Gemma Crosby, 31, both originally joined Asda aged 16, but it wasn’t until they were placed into Asda’s West Bridgford store for eight weeks of training that the pair first met.

Both Gemma and Dave’s dads have worked as store managers, with the couple initially bonding over shared experiences of growing up ‘in Asda’ and being inspired to follow in their fathers' footsteps.

Dave says that although they are complete opposites, they have the same shared goals and love for their families.

He said: “We don’t talk about work at home, but because we both work here we have an understanding of each other’s job and what it means.

“I think we got together because we have the same values and are both into family, which I think is really important. We’re so different though, but it’s definitely a case of opposites attract!

“We did eight weeks of training together but then we both kept bumping into each other and it only took a few months before we eventually got together.

“My dad worked for Asda as a store manager and regional manager, so I’ve always known that it’s a great team of people who work here – I just didn’t expect to meet my fiancée here too.”

Dave proposed on a holiday in Iceland two years ago – but not everything went to plan.

He said: “I proposed in Reykjavik at the Blue Lagoon. I kept building up to it and when I finally did it, I slipped up. I thought there would be a jewellery shop there that we could go to and get a ring, but there wasn’t. We went straight from Manchester Airport to get one when we got back.”

They were due to get married in a lavish ceremony in 2020 – which has now been postponed until 2021 – but Dave says that when they finally tie the knot, he wants to make sure they do it in style.

“We had planned a big wedding in my neck of the woods – Cheshire – which was moved to April this year,” he explains.

“It might not happen now, but when it does I want to make sure that we have as many people there as possible on the day.”

Bride-to-be Gemma, who is store manager at Asda Peterborough, says that he first fell for her when she was wearing her Asda uniform – “Dave always says it brought out my eyes,” she jokes.

“We both grew up in Asda and we had a similar experience of being ‘Asda babies’. I remember he mentioned something about his dad being a store manager and I said my dad was too, which is the first thing we bonded over. Straight away we clicked. We carried on talking outside of work and it just went from there really.

“We may have to postpone the wedding again this year, but whether we do it with less people or not, it will just be brilliant to finally be married.”