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Cameron goes out of his way to help elderly blind customer with her shopping

September 29, 2021 09:00am
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When a 90-year-old blind customer asked if she could have a bit of help with her shopping, checkouts colleague Cameron Dutton from our Maryhill store was only too happy to help.

Not only did 18-year-old old Cameron pick up her groceries – chatting to her all the time as he did so – but he then helped her through checkouts before carrying the groceries to the bus stop and making sure she got on her bus safely.

His kind gesture has now resulted in him being nominated for an Asda customer service award.

A fellow shopper who commented on Cameron's actions to service section leader Yasmin Watson at first thought the lady was Cameron’s grandmother and was surprised when she realised that she actually a vulnerable customer who he'd gone out of his way to help.

Cameron, who's been working at the store for about 18 months, said: "It’s truly humbling to be recognised by a fellow customer who noticed me helping the lady. I am quite shocked to be honest – I think it’s just a normal thing to do, to help every customer the best you can.

"My grandparents died when I was very young so I never had the chance to bond with them, so I really like it when I can do anything to help our older customers in any way."

Yasmin said: "We are all extremely proud of Cameron. The customer came to our customer service desk and asked for some help and Cameron asked me if he could walk her round and do her shopping for her.

"Cameron's a great wee worker and he's always smiling and joking and the customers really like him."

Store manager Chris Fairley said: "The customer thought Cameron was such a lovely and friendly young boy and wanted to make sure she spoke to someone about the great service she had seen him giving this customer.

"Cameron is always smiling and always offering a helping hand. Well done Cameron for always giving our customers the best service possible!’

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