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Our Product Development Manager Gemma, on why we have made changes to our Little Angels nappies…

Our Product Development Manager Gemma Pickersgill explains some of the new changes made to our Little Angels nappies and how they are made and tested to ensure they’re the best they can be for your little angel.

By Gemma Pickersgill

November 4, 2022 01:13pm
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At Asda we sell over 13 million packs of Little Angels nappies every year, and we have an experienced team working behind the scenes whose job it is to make sure that each one meets the quality that we, and you expect.

As part of our mission to ensure that customers can get the best quality products, we have taken the opportunity to work with a new supplier for our nappies and nappy pants. This has enabled us to make several positive changes to the product. We are proud that our nappies and pants range now features Quick Dry Technology, this allows liquid to be absorbed quicker leaving babies skin fresh and dry. We have also made changes to the sizing of our nappies and pants to bring them closer to the most popular brands to make it simpler for you to shop.

Both our nappies and pants continue to offer up to 12-hour dryness and have been independently accredited by the Skin Health Alliance. Our nappies still have SmartFlo absorbency which enables moisture to be absorbed evenly over the nappy to reduce sagging.

On our Comfort & Protect nappies we’ve added perforations to the elasticated wings to make them more breathable. We have also increased the size of the fastening tabs to provide a more secure fit.

We have also extended our Comfort & Protect pants range. This includes two extra absorbent pants in Size 5+ and Size 6+ which is particularly helpful for those children who experience leaks at night, whilst we have also added Size 7 pants for those not ready or not able to potty train. All our pants now include two fun designs.

We are proud to announce that our nappies and pants have been tried and tested through the Loved by Parents programme. Our Pants range won a Platinum Best Buy Award, and our Comfort and Protect Nappies was awarded a Gold.

As with every item we sell, product safety is the highest priority. Our nappies are dermatologically tested, accredited by Skin Health Alliance, and approved as safe for babies’ skin, wet or dry, with no irritation potential, so our customers can be assured by the quality of the nappy.

Our nappies and pants are produced in a state-of-the-art facility. There are many processes to ensure safety, quality, and security. All nappies and pants have a code that tells us exactly when it was made and in the event of a product query, we can use these codes to gather information on raw materials, testing, and quality control measures. We also keep retained samples from each batch so that we can do comparative testing if a sample is returned to us.

We can carry out further testing which provides an extra layer of reassurance to customers that our nappies are made to the highest standards. All this gives us great confidence that every product, sold in store or online, is safe and of the best quality.

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