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Why Zhanai from Asda Quedgeley is such a valued member of the team

September 08, 2023 08:21 AM

Everyone at our Quedgeley store in Gloucester is so proud of inspirational colleague Zhanai Green who's become a valued part of the team since she started working there five years ago.

Twenty-eight-year- old Zhanai – who's autistic, has special needs and suffers from epilepsy – has gained a huge amount of confidence since joining the store.

She said: "What I like about working at Asda Quedgeley is getting my jobs done correctly and being a part of team with other colleagues. I like being a part of team.

"I really enjoying being in the fresh department and when I get stuck and I don’t know where the products are I ask another colleague for help so I know where it is next time.

They help me a lot when I’m doing my job. My colleagues support me.

"I’ve made loads of friends there. I get on with everyone really well. Sometimes we meet up once a month at outside of work like going to pubs etc."

Zhania, who lives with her mum Sharon and 15-year-old sister Amara, joined Asda after completing a Preparation For Work and Life course at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College. Her proudest moments there was winning a Maths Award 2015, an Employability Award in 2018 and meeting Countdown star Rachel Riley.

When she's not working Zhania enjoys boxing at the Fight Factory in Gloucester.

Her mum Sharon said: "I’m bias but Zhania is amazing... despite being financially better off not working she knows how important it is to work. I couldn’t be more proud of her and like her to know just how much of an impact she has made to those around her.

"I've always told her to always believe in herself and nothing is impossible. She’s been doubting herself recently and her abilities but like I’ve told her that she can achieve anything she wants.

"Asda is a company that truly supports their staff. They have been amazing and really supported her. We could not have asked for a better employer.

"She's got a lot more confidence since she started working at Asda. She loves being part of the team; they have all really embraced her."

Sharon is so proud of Zhania's achievements that she recently posted on the Spotted: Quedgeley, Kingsway and Hardwicke Facebook group.

Lots of people commented on the post praising Zhanai. Here's a few examples.

  • Well done young lady - what an inspiration. Surely her positivity is a reflection of her mother who encouraged her to shine and that just because she might be perceived as 'different' anything can be achieved, we are all different
  • Awesome zhanai! But you don't have special needs, you have a super power most people can't imagine. It'll take you so far and it's amazing x
  • "What a lush post, well done Zhanai. I will look out for you next time I'm in asda xx
  • "Zhanai - your absolutely brilliant! You always have a smile on your face! You should definitely be proud of everything you have achieved ❤️"
  • She is a wonderful, young lady, ever so polite and kind! It doesn't matter in the long run if you have special needs- what matters, is a good heart and attitude, and Zhanai's got that aplenty.

Fresh section leaders Rose Guiao and Tierney Bryce, who work alongside Zhanai, said:

She's hard working, polite and always has a smile on her face. She's friendly and gets on with everyone in the store and has made quite a number of friends.

"She's built an experienced knowledge of tasks and now helps train new colleagues. When she first started, she had a carer with her but she's now built up her confidence over time to work solo.

"Everyone welcomes her when she's on shift and the team here are proud of what she contributes as well as seeing her personal growth over the years."