How we work with our suppliers

September 04, 2017

Sarah Dickson, Code Compliance Officer, explains how we’ve improved the way we work with our suppliers

Being part of Asda requires an absolute focus on doing the right things for our customers – and critically, that’s about offering them the best possible value when they shop with us.

Everyone in Asda takes their responsibilities under GSCOP really seriously. As Code Compliance Officer for Asda, I am here for any suppliers who have questions about GSCOP or working with us. I am part of Asda’s Compliance team and meet with suppliers and buyers week in week out, providing training and regular communications. Sometimes, suppliers don’t raise concerns with me directly but I’m here to help them and can fix them quickly.

As part of her collaborative approach, the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) contacted Asda to say she wanted to look into concerns raised by our suppliers and asked us to provide detailed information from 2016.

As soon as she notified us, I looked into this matter personally and we set up a cross-functional team from our Commercial, Finance, Logistics and Legal departments to review our processes right across the business and recommend improvements, all of which were approved by our Board and are being swiftly implemented.

These actions include putting all our buyers through new training on the principles and good practice of GSCOP. We have re-emphasised our commitment to a partnership-led approach to relationships with our suppliers, full compliance with GSCOP and a simple, efficient way of working together.

We have also reduced our payment terms for small suppliers to 14 days and our larger suppliers are testing good faith receiving. We have made sure it is quicker and easier for suppliers to raise concerns with us by re-establishing a single supplier helpdesk.

These are just a few of the changes and it’s been great to test these together with suppliers.

This GCA’s case study provides important clarification on GSCOP that is relevant to the whole industry. As Code Compliance Officer, I’d urge suppliers to keep talking to me. They can contact me via