Building stronger communities

By Stephen Bromby (Asda Boston)
July 01, 2021

We’re passionate about building stronger communities for our customers and colleagues, and that’s why wI'm now able to return to outreach activities and spend time volunteering with local groups.

Volunteering helps me understand what’s important to the community around our store and sometimes a helping hand is all you need to make the community a better place to live and work. I also provide space in our store for local groups to raise awareness of services available within the community, collect food for food banks and support fundraising for local charities. Bookings for donations of space will also be reinstated next week, but these can only take place within the car park or an area outside our store. I also act as an ambassador of the Asda Foundation and can help local groups and charities access vital funding. We are currently accepting applications for up to £1,000 for our 'Bringing Communities Back Together' grants and the 'Green Token Giving' scheme where the winner will receive £500. To find out more, visit Additionally, I also has a monthly budget for product donations to provide practical support to local groups and charities. To speak to me about this support or any other aspect of the role, please contact 01205 316000 ext 222.

– Stephen, Asda community champion