School lessons on healthy eating

By Stephen Bromby (Asda Boston)
September 28, 2021

I recently helped Years 3 and 4 at a local primary school with their research into what foods would be good for our teeth.

I took lots of different foods and some drinks into the classroom and we found out what sugar content each of the foods had. We were shocked to learn how much sugar was in a chocolate bars and fizzy pops! We found out that the best foods for our teeth were the crispy, crunchy, fruit and vegetables. Some of the healthy foods we taste tested were celery, apples, houmous with carrot sticks, yogurt and cheese. From their research, the children concluded that the only drinks that were kind to their teeth were milk and water. The photos show me comparing lunchbox items like chocolate, pop and muffin with others such as apple, cheese and yogurt so the children could learn about healthy foods.

– Stephen, Asda community champion