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Better starts grant

By Beryl Hill (Asda Cambridge)
August 29, 2023

Here's Matt from the Bluesmile Project receiving a grant for £500 from the Asda Foundation.

The donation will be used to purchase art materials and games for use in therapy sessions to help children struggling with their mental health. This could fund equipment for one term to help 36-42 children receiving Blue Smile therapy, including: Paint, pens, clay and other craft materials which children use to create art that helps them express difficult emotions or experiences that they find it hard to talk about; sand trays and dolls/figures, which children can use to recount their experiences in a safe and fun way, reaching positive outcomes; toys and board games that therapists will play with children to build trust with the child they're working with so they can engage with therapy. 

Children respond really well to play and creative activities which help them express their emotions and feelings. Through our specialist arts-based therapy, this equipment will give children a way to talk about difficult experiences and release their anxiety.

– Beryl, Asda community champion