Out for a walk

By Samantha Will (Asda Dundee Kirkton)
July 26, 2021

Ulverston Sheltered Housing Complex is right next door to us and the residents there are our most loyal customers and we think of them as family. 

For the past 18 months our store is about as far as some of them have been able to travel to. So I asked if they would like to start a weekly walking club, where we could walk around the community and get some gentle exercise as well as having some more social contact with other residents. We started on Friday and then were welcomed into the Attic Community Garden for a well deserved cup of tea. We had an amazing day for our walk and got to see and make new friends. The chat was flowing so nicely, that we forgot about the time. The lovely volunteers at the Attic have welcomed the residents with open arms and invited them back whenever they want. 

– Samantha, Asda community champion