Dundonald colleague Shirley-Ann has hair shaved off in memory of parents

By Sharon McBratney (Asda Dundonald)
July 30, 2021

Well done to our fabulous counters colleague Shirley-Ann who had her hair shaved off to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of her parents, Beatrice and Denise, who both sadly died of cancer.

Shirley-Ann, who works at our Dundonald store, raised more than £1,300 in the sponsored event which took place on her parents' wedding anniversary. She said: "In January 2015, my dad passed away from leukemia and prostate cancer. In the weeks prior to his death, we had been referred to Macmillan for medical and emotional support. The nurses that helped us were unfaltering pillars of strength and advice for us; both before and after his passing. They helped to take some pressure off of us as well as making sure we were all coping as well as one can in the situation.  "Nine weeks after his death, my mum then passed away - this time from breast cancer. Again, we where put in touch with Macmillan and they readily provided some added help and support for us just like with my dad. They not only assisted us in making her comfortable, they also did their best to ensure we were supported through this unimaginable time of our lives. They also continued to remind us to care of ourselves while we took care of my mum. I braved the shave to thank the nurses and everyone else who works and volunteers with Macmillan. I am appreciative and eternally grateful for the additional support they provided through two of the hardest times in my life. "Thank you so much to my amazing colleagues and customers who helped me raise this incredible amount of money. Each and everyone of you are awesome." Our store's community champion Sharon said: "Shirley-Ann is an amazing colleague and I think this is something that is just typical of her. She has a heart of gold and we are all very proud of her." To sponsor Shirley-ann visit: https://bravetheshave.macmillan.org.uk/shavers/shirleyann-killiner