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Fundraising for Tickled Pink

By Heidi Ford (Asda Fareham)
August 25, 2020

During lockdown I used some of my time to think about fundraising with social distancing in mind.

Last week I tried out our new self made games on my colleagues to see how they worked to keep everyone safe. This weekend I took the games to the customers. Face mask on and hand gel at the ready, Tickled Pink fundraising started. It was so lovely to talk to so many familiar faces and members of many of the groups I would normally support. I did a lucky bag game where I was the only one touching the bags customers just ask for the bag they like the look of and I pick it up and pass over the prize.

The token flipping game was also a big hit. Tokens are only used once then go in a pot to be cleaned.  We raised £166.

– Heidi, Asda community champion