Cooking skills

By Rachel Webber (Asda Gosport)
September 30, 2021

Learning to cook from scratch on a budget is a really important life skill that is not always covered in schools.

So when community champion Heidi from our Fareham store said we were invited to Wicor Primary School to provide sessions to 90 families, myself and community champion Danielle from our Portsmouth store were delighted to help. In these first groups we provided three meals all for under £5; chickpea burgers with homemade Mayo and coleslaw, tuna fish cakes with home made mayo and coleslaw and finally ham and broccoli tagliatelle with homemade pasta and cheese sauce. All of the  session went down really well with many parents surprised by how easy it was so make fresh pasta and mayonnaise. We are delighted to be able to offer sessions like this to the wider community please get in touch if your school or group would like to to take part. Contact us on or

 Rachel, Asda community champion