University Community Study

October 25, 2021

We were pleased to host Cambridge University in Warrington this week. Cathy & Liz have been supporting a community study by the university for about 18 months, but finally got the chance to meet them. 

The study looks at how supermarkets support their local communities & how groups in the community can support each other. It looks at how we find out about local causes & how we can all work together by networking.

Caroline & Catherine from Cambridge University held focus groups hosted by Cathy & Liz. Taking feedback in two main sessions during the day. First of all with our 'Warrington Friendship Group' in the morning & later with a focus group of representatives of some of the local causes we support.

The study looks at the different ways supermarkets support local groups & what impact it has on our community. They even had a 'green token giving' style vote to find out what type of support has had the most impact.