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Little Angels newborn nappies

July 25, 2017 03:30 PM

Lizzy Massey on why we’ve taken the precaution of removing our Little Angels newborn nappies from sale

UPDATE 2nd August 2017: Our Little Angels newborn nappies are back on sale after a precautionary withdrawal for safety checks. Read Lizzy’s latest blog post here

As Vice-President of Own Brand at Asda, I really care about our relationship with our customers and it’s incredibly important to me that we create products, like our Little Angels nappies, that they can trust. So when I saw the pictures posted on Facebook showing a baby suffering, my heart went out to him and his parents, especially as I’m a mum myself and see everything involving children through the perspective of “what if that were one of mine”.

Parents want to do the best for their children so it’s our job to make sure that Little Angels products, including the millions of nappies that we sell, always live up to their expectations. The materials we use in them are common in nappies and they are manufactured in a controlled, sealed environment where rigorous quality and safety checks take place.

Whilst checks and controls are in place to give parents confidence in our products, if there’s a suggestion that something is wrong, we will act quickly. That is why we immediately started a full investigation into this incident and have taken the precautionary step of removing our range of newborn nappies from sale until we understand what has happened.

If any customer has concerns about any of our Little Angels nappies, they can bring them back to their store and we will happily refund them or they can contact our Customer Services Team on 0800 952 0101.

Here are answers to some questions customers may have about the action we’ve taken:

What steps have you taken to investigate?

We’re taking this issue really seriously and so are carrying out a full investigation into what could have happened here. The materials in Little Angels nappies are commonly used in nappy products and checked for their quality and safety so that parents can have faith in them. We have sent nappies to specialist labs where chemical screening tests will be carried out.

Are Little Angels nappies safe to use?

We sell over 10.6 million Little Angels nappies each week and know our parents love and trust them on their babies. Our nappies are made from materials commonly found in nappy products and undergo rigorous safety checks. As a precaution we have removed our newborn nappies from sale so we can investigate the product involved.

Why have you only withdrawn the newborn nappies – why not all lines?

The specific incident is only related to our Little Angels newborn nappies so we feel it is right for us to withdraw just this line of nappies whilst we investigate. However, if you have any concerns about any of our nappies, please take them to your store and we will be happy to refund you.

My baby has also had a reaction. What should I do?

If you’re concerned in any way about your baby’s health then seek professional medical advice in the first instance.

My nappies are out of date, what should I do?

Nappies don’t have a ‘use by’ so you don’t need to be alarmed. The date you can see on your pack is the batch production date – the date the nappies were manufactured.

When will my nappies be back on shelves?

We are carrying out our investigation as a matter of urgency and as soon as we have the results, we will make a decision about the appropriate action to take.

Am I entitled to a refund?

We want parents to have total faith in our product but are happy to offer a full refund on any Little Angels nappies. If you want to bring your nappies back to one of our stores, we’ll refund you for your purchase.

Have there been any changes to the product?

We reviewed the Little Angels range earlier this year to make a number of improvements to their quality. No changes were made to our newborn nappies – only the packaging design was altered.