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Little Angels newborn nappies are back on sale

August 02, 2017 05:19 PM

Lizzy Massey on why we’re putting our Little Angels newborn nappies back on sale

Making sure our products are the best possible quality is really important to us – especially when it comes to our Little Angels range, which millions of parents trust to use on their babies. That’s why every element of the range is rigorously tested for safety and quality.

When we received reports of a small baby potentially having a serious reaction to one of our newborn nappies we took immediate steps to investigate what had happened. We took the precautionary measure of removing the nappies from sale and sent samples to two separate labs for testing.

These independent tests involved taking samples from the various sections that make up a nappy, breaking them down and then analysing the sample to detect the presence of any substances that would be a cause for concern.

Since we took that decision I have been absolutely focussed on investigating the quality of our nappies. We have left no stone unturned – from having our product experts visit our manufacturing sites to having our technical experts analyse test results. I’ve met with a consultant dermatologist to talk to them about how our nappies are made and understand more about allergies and irritations in babies – and they pointed me to this very helpful article written on the subject.

All of this research has given me absolute confidence that our nappies are made in a controlled, enclosed environment where rigorous quality and safety checks take place, and testing shows that they are completely safe for sale and use. Our nappies are a great product that our customers can have complete confidence in.