Colleagues at our stores have been hosting Pudsey’s Teddy Bears picnics for BBC Children in Need – and some kids have even met Pudsey Bear himself, just like little Rylee at our Wheatley store.

Rylee, who’s seven, can become upset when he hears loud noises – so the store’s community champion Angie Young gave him lots of goodies to host his own party with his teddy bears at home.

His mum Roxanne Davis is a regular at the store and earlier this year thanked colleague Janet Penson for her reassurance when Rylee became upset at the checkout.

Roxanne said: "The porter Roger was in the foyer and recognised us. He’s so friendly and we always love to see him. He asked what school Rylee goes to as they wanted to bring Pudsey there as a surprise for him, because he knows how much he loves Pudsey.

“I told Roger that I home educate Rylee because of his autism and anxieties, so he told me to hang around and he’d bring Pudsey out.

“Angie announced over the tannoy that Pudsey was coming out, and Rylee was so excited I thought he was going to explode! He’d been having a difficult time and he cheered up instantly when he saw him.

“As we left Angie gave me a bag of loads of Pudsey-themed things so Rylee could have his own party at home.

“He coloured in his Pudsey hat, put on his Pudsey onesie and socks and sat all of his teddies around. They all had sandwiches, crisps, mini doughnuts and a blueberry muffin milkshake.

“It was amazing! Angie was so kind, and it was lovely of her and Roger to do this.”

Angie said: "As soon as he saw Pudsey, Rylee’s mouth was agog. It was lovely to see his happy little face – not only was his mouth smiling, his eyes were smiling too.

“I then got talking to Roxanne and she explained that Rylee doesn’t like parties because they are too loud for him so he wouldn’t be able to go to a teddy bear picnic with other children.

“On that day I was running a BBC Children in Need fundraising stall in the foyer, but had some spare goodies so I ran round getting hold of all sorts to give him so he could hold his own party at home.

“A few hours later Roxanne emailed me to say he’d held his party that afternoon and sent me the lovely pictures.”

Colleagues from our stores across the country have been supporting BBCChildren in Need in store and in the local community during the last few weeks, like our Coleraine community champion Sheila Palmer (above) who took her party to Ballysally Youth and Community Centre.

Check out some of the photos our community champions have been sharing in our gallery: