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The science behind our Little Angels nappies

Our Senior Technical Director Darina Hall explains how our Little Angels nappies are made and tested to ensure they’re the best they can be for your little angel.

By Darina Hall

October 12, 2017 10:33am
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As Senior Technical Director at Asda, my job is to ensure that all our products are made to the exact standards of quality and safety that we expect, so that our customers can have absolute confidence in them.

Darina Hall

My background is in regulatory compliance and product development and I’m passionate about making sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to our products.

I take my responsibility to making sure our products are the best they can be incredibly seriously – especially Little Angels. Parents trust Asda with the most important person in the world to them and I don’t want to let them down.

When we’re developing a product with a supplier, like our Little Angels nappies, we work with them on every element of the product to make sure we, and our Little Angels customers, can have every faith in it.

The testing and technology that goes into making our nappies is quite incredible. Firstly, every batch of material that goes into making our nappies is checked to make sure it is the right specification and is dermatologically approved for use. The materials that go into making nappies are actually quite common across the industry and must be certified as safe to use on skin.

After the raw materials have been checked, they go into an automated production process that is sealed. There are a number of doors along the manufacturing line, but the machinery will only work if all the doors are closed. If the doors open for any reason the line automatically stops and all the nappies on that line will immediately be rejected. The nappies come out of the production process in their sealed package – meaning the first person to touch a nappy once it's made is when they are opened at home.

The process is electronically monitored and fully automated, which makes sure every single one of the 9.5m nappies we make each week is made to the same specification and standard.

Once a batch of nappies is made, a sample is then taken for testing. That testing allows our suppliers to double check that the specification of the nappy is as it should be. On the rare occasion a customer has a complaint about our nappies, the first thing we do is ask for the batch number. That allows us to check back that the product was made and tested to our absolute specification, and reassure our customers that the nappy has been made as it should be. In certain circumstances we might choose to carry out further testing, allowing us to give an extra layer of reassurance to customers that our nappies are made to the highest standards.

All the care and rigour that goes into making our nappies is there to give us confidence that we're putting a great product on our shelves, and give parents confidence that they can trust it. However, if you ever have any concerns about our range, you can bring it back to store with your receipt for a full refund.

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