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Turning beer bought at Asda into water to help the world's poorest people

Every time you buy Brewgooder beer from Asda you're helping to fund clean water drinking projects around the world. Brewgooder's founder Alan Mahon explains the difference Asda customers have made over the past year.

By Asda Food and Drink Team

October 12, 2017 11:20am
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At Brewgooder this month we're celebrating our first anniversary of working with Asda.

From all the team here we’d like to say a massive thank you to Asda shoppers and colleagues, without whom this journey would not have been possible.

Brewgooder bought at Asda helps provide clean drinking water
Brewgooder beer at Asda

Just through you buying our beer at your local store we’ve been able to supply clean drinking water to more than 5,000 people in Malawi which is amazing. Next year, with your help, we’re bringing this number to over 40,000.

We wanted to show you exactly where the money goes – and what a difference it makes so we’ve made this video for you:

In this country we take clean drinking water access for granted when we have a glass of water or turn on a tap to brush our teeth. But many people around the world are taking a risk every time they drink a glass of water. I thought this was an injustice I wanted to help fight, with the best weapon I knew how – beer.

When we set up Brewgooder 18 months ago it was because I had been personally effected by unsafe water. While travelling in Nepal I contracted a water-borne illness and became aware, in a small way, of the conditions some people around the world live in.

Returning home all I had to do was take some antibiotics, and get better. I realised that not everyone was lucky enough to be able to do that. Some avoidable diseases are life-threatening.

Around the world there are 650 million people living without access to safe drinking water and 6.3 billion don’t have access to adequate sanitation.

Tragically 315,000 children under the age of five die every year from diseases that could be avoided by access to clean drinking water – that’s 900 children a day.

More than that – clean water access is empowering. Less time sick means more time at school, which means more learning, more developing and more dreaming and hoping for a better future for countless communities. This is what I care about and it is the difference I want you to feel good about making just by drinking our beer.

Brewgooder in Malawi
Brewgooder in Malawi

We partner with charities at home and aborad to make clean drinking water more accessible and we’re hoping to expand our business into other retailers, restaurants and pubs to raise even more money next year.

We know people have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing which beer to buy. We appreciate it every time people choose Brewgooder – and so do the people who benefit from clean drinking water.

Thank you once more for drinking beer – and giving water – with us at Asda.

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