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We're cutting prices and adding loads more products to our popular Free From range

August 10, 2018 11:39am
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We've added 100 new items to our popular and fast-growing Free From range this summer – and customers have been quick to take to social media to say how much they love them.

Asda Free From products

We're also making a significant investment to reduce the price of some essential products people on a Free From diet buy week in, week out.

We've cut the cost of our Free From white rolls, white and brown loaves, seeded white loaf and seeded brown rolls to £1.50 and Asda Free From fusilli, spaghettii and penne to £1.

Here's a full list of the everyday essentials we've reduced the prices of:

Product NameAsdaAsda RollbackTescoMorrisonsSainsbury's
ASDA FREE FROM PASTA (FUSSILI)£1.09£1.00£1.15£1.20£1.25
ASDA FREE FROM PASTA (SPAGHETTI)£1.09£1.00£1.15£1.36£1.25
ASDA FREE FROM PASTA (PENNE)£1.14£1.00£1.15£1.38£1.25
ASDA UNSWEETENED ALMOND DRINK£1.00£1.00£1.401 (£1.40)£0.90
ASDA SWEETENED ALMOND DRINK£1.00£1.00£1.401 (£1.40)£0.90
ASDA CRISPBREAD£1.20£1.00n/an/an/a
ASDA FREE FROM NOODLE POT (CHOW MEIN)£1.25£1.00£1.00n/an/a
ASDA FREE FROM NOODLE POT (CURRY)£1.25£1.00£1.50n/an/a
ASDA SOYA YOGURT (COCONUT)£1.40£1.00n/an/an/a
ASDA SOYA YOGURT (PLAIN)£1.40£1.00n/an/an/a
ASDA SOYA YOGURT (ALMOND 450G£1.40£1.00n/an/an/a
ASDA FREE FROM WHITE ROLLS (WHITE)£1.95£1.50£1.85£1.70£1.85
ASDA FREE FROM LOAF (WHITE)£1.84£1.50£2.10£2.50£2.00
ASDA FREE FROM LOAF (BROWN)£1.84£1.50£2.10n/a£2.00
ASDA SEEDED LOAF (WHITE)£1.84£1.50£2.10£2.50£2.00
ASDA FREE FROM SEEDED ROLLS (BROWN)£1.95£1.50£1.85n/a£1.85

The reductions mean these products are now up to 40% cheaper than similar products at other major retailers.

As well as reducing prices we're also expanding our range. The latest additions to the range include Asda branded Free From safari animal biscuits, brioche-style rolls, llama biscuits and gluten free piza kits, as well as branded favourites, such as Ilumi for Kids Disney Kitchen porridge,meatballs, risotto and chilli, Rude Health drinks, Dr Shar snacks, Celebrate Health smoothies and even gluten free Cobra beer.

The new products have been getting lots of people excited on social media – with treats like our Free From Unicorn and Cheeky Monkey Cupcakes and these children's pasta shapes proving particularly popular. Here's a few of the posts we've spotted:

See what else people are saying out our Free From range here.

Lizzy Massey, Vice President of Asda Own Brand, said: "Free From foods are an essential part of the weekly shop for an increasing number of families, so we’re working hard to offer the same everyday low prices that Asda is famous for, while still maintaining great quality products.

"As well as making sure Free From products are well-priced for customers, we also understand it’s really important to offer choice when it comes to a Free From diet, to make sure customers never have to feel like they’re missing out on the food they love."

We recently made some changes to the Asda groceries website to make it easier for customers with allergies and dietary requirements to shop online without hassle. Find out more here – and take a look at our expanded Free From range on our groceries site here.

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