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Asda launches "That's Better"

Five ASDA associates are tapping their pocket book area

Asda lowers thousands of prices and improves hundreds of own brand products to deliver better value for customers

Today Asda begins a new value campaign “That’s Better” which includes an average of 15% price cuts on customers’ every day favourites and improvements in quality across Asda’s own brand ranges.

Customers will see their weekly shopping budgets go further as prices fall on the products that really matter.

In fresh meat and fish, the price of beef mince will fall from £1.85 to £1.69 for 500g, a whole British medium chicken will cost just £2.69, Butcher’s Selection bacon (345g) falls from £2.30 to £2.15, large prawns (325g) from £4.87 to £3.50 and Extra Special sausages (400g) have been reduced to £2.25, two for £4.

As summer holidays end and kids go back to school, Asda has made the cost of going back to school and the school lunch box even better value by lower prices on bread, cheese and cooked meats.

New lower prices on Asda’s own-brand essentials include; tomato ketchup and brown sauce (510g) falling from 75p to 57p, instant coffee (200g) £1.79 to £1.59 and basmati rice (1kg) falling from £1.70 to £1.49. British grated, block or sliced cheese is now £1.80 and any two for £3.

Customers shopping to entertain at home will enjoy savings on many of Asda’s much acclaimed cheeses and wines, which have already won over 500 awards this year. The Decanter Platinum award winning Malbec Reserva is down from £5.75 to £4.37 and International Cheese Award winners including Extra Special Lancashire and Extra Special Blue Stilton will be two for £3. Asda’s range of craft beers has doubled in response to customer demand.

Supply chain and process investments will put even fresher fruit and vegetables on shelves and improve availability for customers by working in collaboration with our exclusive growers and sourced through Asda’s IPL – Britain’s second largest, privately owned food processing and supply business.

Asda President and Chief Executive, Sean Clarke, said: “This week we’re taking the next step in our journey to deliver better value for our customers and to improve quality. We will continue to listen to our customers and take action, with better prices for products they buy week in, week out.”