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Over Three Quarters of Brits Would Give Up Veganism After Just Two Weeks Due to Food FOMO

January 14, 2019 09:48am
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Vegan Meal

This year, an estimated 14,000 Brits are taking part in Veganuary*, with new research by supermarket Asda revealing a further 20% of meat-eating adults are now prepared to try a plant-based diet.
Despite this growing interest in vegan diets, over three quarters (77%) of Brits admit they would likely give-up after the first two weeks, with only 9% believing they’d make the full month.
The main foods respondents couldn’t bear to miss are cheese (73%), milk in tea (57%), butter (56%), bacon (55%) and chocolate (54%).

Meanwhile, of those who have tried going vegan previously, 89% say they gave up, because a plant-based diet is too much effort (29%), not wanting to give up favourite foods (27%) and thinking vegan food is too expensive (24%), as the key reasons.

With almost 80% stating they’d be likely to give-up before the final fortnight, Asda has created two weeks' worth of meal ideas curated by Asda’s innovation chef, Andrew Johnston, to help those power through the remainder of the plant-based challenge. With flavoursome curries and alternative takes on burgers, wings and steaks, vegans don’t have to miss out on their food favourites.

Recipes include Cauliflower Buffalo Wings, One Pan Biriyani, Quinoa & Beetroot Burger, Carrot Tarte with Parsley Pesto, Butternut Squash and Lentil Wellington, and Jumbo Mushroom Steak with a Chimichurri Sauce.

Top 10 foods Brits would miss going vegan:

Cheese (73%)

Milk in tea (57%)

Butter (56%)

Bacon (55%)

Chocolate (55%)

Steak (44%)

Poached Eggs (42%)

Spaghetti Bolognese (36%)

Chicken Curry (36%)

Cheese/Meat Pizza (32%)

An Asda spokesperson, said: *“We know that going vegan is a big leap and lifestyle change for some people.*At Asda, we want to reiterate that giving up animal products doesn’t mean sacrificing great tasting food, and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to help our customers. We hope the meal plan gives inspiration to more people who want to give veganism a try. The recipe ideas we’ve created demonstrate that plant-based grub can be very easy to make, and packed full of flavour.”

Asda’s two-week taster meal plan can be found on the Asda Good Living website here: https://www.asdagoodliving.co.uk/food/features/vegan-recipes

* The Guardian, https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/dec/31/year-of-the-vegan-record-numbers-sign-up-for-veganuary

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