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Porter Kevin loves brightening the day for customers at Asda Altrincham

March 6, 2020 00:49pm
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Everyone at our Altrincham store loves our wonderful porter Kevin Taylor who has a smile for everyone and always goes the extra mile to help others.

Kevin Taylor from Asda Altrincham

Regular shopper Joan Brocklehurst says Kevin is such a "ray of sunshine" that she drives past a number of other supermarkets to get to Asda to see him.

Joan said: "He's just a wonderful man who's always smiling. He's a lovely, lovely man. What I would call old school. Seeing Kevin makes my day.

"It's really nice to see someone love their work as much as Kevin – he's an asset to the company. He has a smile for everyone and dresses up for each special occasion. He's a people person who goes out of his way to help you.

"He was poorly recently and off work and so many people missed him. I come over to Asda because of Kevin. You feel like part of the family here."

Kevin, who's 61 and has worked at the store since it opened four-and-half years ago, says it's nice to get positive comments and he really appreciates them but insists that he's simply doing his job.

He said: "I don't see myself as wonderful. I just like to help people. I'm always smiling and a smile is contagious. If I make one person smile a day, then I've done my job."

The father of four and grandad of five said: "I really have best job in the world. I love meeting people from all walks of life. I'm a local lad so I do know a lot of the people who come into the store – some even from my schooldays!

"There's a gentleman who comes in regularly who is not very good on his legs so I get him a wheelchair and push him round the store, help him to get his shopping and help him with the checkouts.

"If customers need motorised scooters I take them to their cars for them. Smiling and being helpful really does cost nothing."

Kevin Taylor from Asda Altrincham

Kevin is well known for dressing up in store especially for fundraising events such as Tickled Pink and Children in Need.

He said: "I've always loved dressing up. I've been Batman, Super Mario, the Phantom of the Opera, Hagrid from Harry Potter, Snow White, Father Christmas and Mickey Mouse ... I think I've got more outfits than the missus!

Kevin Taylor at Asda Altrincham

"When I was younger I has a mobile disco and dressed up as a Womble! I went for an interview as a Butlins redcoat once but I didn't get it as they said I couldn't sing or dance!

"On my bucket list is being a panto dame and I recently put a plea out on Facebook for a costume and a very kind lady got in touch and has got one for me. So now I'm hoping to do something at the store this Christmas."

The store's customer trading manager Claire Petch says Kevin is a "wonderful colleague" and "great character" who's always smiling.

She said: "I've never, ever seen him come to work in a bad mood. He's always happy, smiling and friendly and that's why everyone loves him. I wish more people were like Kevin.

"He's such a popular character in store both with colleagues and customers and everyone knows hims in the community.

"He loves to dress up whether it be for Tickled Pink, World Book Day and Children in Need. He always puts his heart and soul into it. He will come in on his days off too.

"He's such a helpful and friendly person who will always go above and beyond to help people. Nothing is too much trouble. He will always say hello to people when they arrive at the store.

"There's an elderly gentleman who comes in several times a week and Kevin always gets him a wheelchair, pushes him around the store and helps him through checkouts then makes sure he gets to his taxi ok. He always makes sure he is well looked after. Kevin is just that sort of person."

Kevin recently received a gold service award for his caring attitude.

Claire said: "An elderly shopper had recently lost his wife so Kevin took some time out and just sat down with him and had a little chat. He then bought him some cakes and told him to go home and think about his wife. He's just very thoughtful and kind.

Although Kevin's main role is being a porter, he often helps on security too.

Claire said: "Whenever someone is off for what ever reason and we need more shifts covering, Kevin always puts his hand up first offering help. He's that sort of person."

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