At its core, retail is a people business.

Almost 19 million customers shop with Asda each week, served by 146,000 Asda colleagues in hundreds of communities across the UK. Our supply chain touches many more, in the UK and globally.

The fact that modern slavery exists anywhere in the world in 2019 is unacceptable, and at Asda we’re determined to do everything we can to identify and address it within our business processes and supply chain.

This is our third modern slavery statement, and it details the work we’ve done in 2018 to further refine our approach to the way we assess, engage and prioritise our work to combat modern slavery. The steps taken have allowed us to better understand how we can maximise our impact and collaborate across the industry. We are working closely with our suppliers, service providers and in line with our parent company Walmart’s global Responsible Sourcing programme to address the issue in a number of innovative ways, and are pleased to report these actions and activities in the following Statement.

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