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Modern Slavery Statement

December 31, 2017
May 03, 2022

We are very pleased to share Asda’s sixth Modern Slavery Statement. This statement outlines the progress we made with our objectives and commitments in 2021, in relation to the work we do as a business to combat Modern Slavery within our own operations and global supply chains. 

2021 was another challenging year, in which it has been important that we have continued to support our internal stakeholders, colleagues, suppliers, and work with third party organisations to make progress in this area.

Due to the global pandemic and the pressures on global supply chains, we have seen increased risk of incidents of Modern Slavery such as the UK guidance on sourcing from Xinjiang due to Human Rights violations, and the risks of illegal recruitment and payment of fees for workers in the supply chain. To best address these risks; we have increased our focus on partnerships and collaboration to understand the root cause and takes steps to mitigate the risk where relevant.

Moving into new ownership has provided us with an opportunity to develop new ways of working and enabled movement from a Walmart global approach to an Asda centric Responsible Sourcing programme. Our programme is designed to make sure that we understand, monitor, and manage the risks that may be present within our supply chain, by collaborating with suppliers to deliver impact globally. The data and insights we will gather will allow us to anchor our approach to mitigating the risks of Modern Slavery in our business and supply chains and establishing our beyond audit approach to Human Rights due diligence.

Read the full statement.

For any further information please email Responsiblesourcingqueries@asda.co.uk.

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