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Our avocado cake is a vegan first for Asda!

Becky Price tells us more about the latest additions to our Celebration Cakes range...

By Becky Price

March 10, 2020 04:43pm
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Creating new celebration cakes has always been my dream role within product development so I was delighted to be able to join the team in November. It’s just as exciting as I hoped it would be: it’s a very fast-paced category as we’re constantly reviewing trends to see how we can translate these into new cake concepts.

Asda avocado vegan chocolate cake

We’ve recently launched this avocado-shaped choc cake – our first ever own label vegan celebration cake. It's been really popular and has been getting a lot of love from customers on Instagram and Facebook and in the media!

With demand for vegan products at an all-time high, we are keen to ensure we have an inclusive range to offer everyone. We chose an avocado shape because avocados have been on trend for a couple of years now and we wanted a concept with character and likeability for our first vegan cake.

As it’s a new concept for us there have been challenges with creating a vegan sponge that is moist in texture and still gives a good rise – without using eggs. We’ve worked with our suppliers who have a wealth of knowledge in this area and it’s been very rewarding to see it finished and in stores, especially in such a novelty fun shape!

I’m also excited about two new celebration cakes that have just landed in stores...

Asda Pink Gin Celebration Cake

Our Pink Gin cake was inspired by the trend for new flavours of gin and the popularity of our Extra Special Pink Gin.

We’ve created a celebration cake that uses sponge soaked in a pink gin flavouring. It’s perfect for a summer party, bright pink with colourful decorations we’re certain it will not only be a favourite for gin lovers, but would be a fantastic centre piece for a summer party.

It doesn’t contain any alcohol – just the flavour – so it’s suitable for everyone to try.

Asda Kittycorn Celebration Cake

Our Kitticorn cake has stemmed from the very popular unicorn trend. We’re now seeing this translate into other animals and forms as the more traditional unicorn takes a back seat.

We are very excited for a new mash-up of unicorn meets kitten and hope our customers love our cute design on this one. We think this is going to be a very popular choice for birthday parties with people of all ages!

All of our new cakes are available now – look out for them in store and online.

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