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Check out Peter's fantastic thank you message for everyone at Asda Bedminster

April 25, 2020 10:35 AM

Everyone at our Bedminster store loves this wonderful thank-you message created by regular customer Peter.

Mark Scriven, a security colleague at the store, says Peter wears his hi-vis jacket every time he calls in at the store.

Mark said: "I think it's amazing. He came over to me and said he wanted to show me something then turned around. He wanted to say thanks for everything we've done. He wears it every time he's in here.

"We get a lot of workmen in the store so some customers haven't noticed; they just think he's wearing a hi-vis jacket.

"We get a lot of people saying thank you as they come into store but he's taken it to another level. I thought it was absolutely fantastic!"

The store's manager, Stuart Goldspink, says Peter's message has touched everyone at the store.

He said: "It's great isn't it? When you get thanks like that it's really appreciated. From what we've gone through to where we are today has been a huge team effort so a thank you from customers is always welcome."

Mark says colleagues at the store were so touched they've made a message of their own for Peter:

Mark, who's worked at the store for four years, says he loves his job – and is proud of the way colleagues and customers have risen to the challenge during the coronavirus outbreak.

He said: "It is a very challenging job – and I love it! It keeps us on our toes and keeps us active. We learn new things virtually every day about people or about the job. I'm not only a security guard any more – I have to be like an air steward as well!

"We've got a lot of things to point out to people now - like following the arrows, only picking up what they intend to buy and keeping their distance from other people. I'm used to talking to families or one or two people at a time, but now I can be talking to a crowd of 10 people which is a bit daunting when you're not used to public speaking!

"You have to be entertaining and get your point across. Not everyone wants to listen. If someone's on the door who looks miserable and like they don't want to be there then people think "why should I listen to them?". But if you can say it in a nice happy way and make them laugh and make them feel good they're in Asda they'll remember all the way round. Having that conversation with someone even for a minute can make all the difference and can make their trip out for essentials more enjoyable."