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Peter's rainbow tribute to the NHS and emergency services

April 29, 2020 02:37pm
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Take a look at this amazing rainbow and message of support our home shopping colleague Peter Spaczynski has painted on his house for NHS staff and key workers.

Peter Spaczynski from Asda North Hykeham in Lincoln painted a rainbow tribute for NHS staff and key workers

Peter, who's a keen painter and sculptor, was also a retained firefighter before joining our Lincoln North Hykeham store as a delivery driver six years ago. He said: "I'm on the road to the hospital, so I hoped it would raise a few smiles for people passing by, but it's had a really amazing response.

"During the weekly Clap For Carers there was a fire engine, two or three police cars and two or three ambulances and paramedic cars outside the house with their lights and sirens on.

"It must have been amazing to see, but I was out delivering at the time, so the first I heard of it was when a next door neighbour sent me a message!"

Peter, who's 57, says he's been touched by the heroic work NHS staff, carers and emergency services have been doing during the lockdown and wanted to come up with a way of saying thanks.

He said: "I had the idea when I was out delivering from seeing all those rainbows children have been painting and putting up in their windows. I think it's a brilliant idea to show people you care, so I thought why not have a go myself?

"I've never painted anything on that scale before but I went to art college so I'm always painting and sculpting and it seemed a natural thing for me to do.

Peter Spaczynski from Asda Lincoln North Hykeham painted this rainbow tribute to NHS staff and key workers

"I have a stock of all different paints and had all the equipment I needed. The only colour I didn't have was yellow, because you use that so much in mixing other colours, so a friend of mine put out a call on Facebook and we managed to get some."

After Peter had painted the rainbow he added an NHS logo and message saying 'Huge thanks to all our NHS staff and all other key workers'.

"Lots of people are stopping for pictures – I'm quite amazed! I never expected it to get this sort of response, and there's been a lot of interest in it."

Asda North Hykeham's community champion Paula Robinson says everyone at the store is proud of Peter's artwork.

She said: "I think it's amazing. As people keep saying, we're all in this together, and Peter's art shows what we're all about and how we're all doing our bit to support one another."

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