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Talented dancer Beth puts her best foot forward at Asda Dewsbury

May 4, 2020 04:25pm
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Professional dancer Beth Smart is helping customers at our Dewsbury store get the essential supplies they need while her career is on hold during the lockdown.

Beth Smart has joined Asda Dewsbury

Beth, who's 23 and the daughter of the store's community champion Sharon Kingswood, was about embark on a trip round the Canary Islands for Fred Olsen Cruise Lines when it was cancelled.

Beth said: "Everything was packed and we were due to go to the ship in Southampton when I got an email to say it has been cancelled. Because you don't sign a contract until you actually get on the ship it meant that I wouldn't get paid.

"My mum said there was work going at Asda in Dewsbury so I got in touch straight away. First I was on checkouts and then click and collect. This is my first actual normal job – I've not done anything other than dancing – and it's great.

"After my first two days here, I said to my mum I that I couldn't believe how nice everyone was.

Beth Smart at Asda Dewsbury

"I’m from a performing background where everyone is your competition, but not here. Every single person here has been so lovely. They've known I was new and have come up to me saying hi and checking I'm OK. If I've been struggling they've come and helped straight away.

"This is the longest I've been home since I've been on the ships! In the past it's been like a month maximum. It's been really nice."

Sharon said: "It's lovely having her here at work and at home, and we usually do the same hours at work which is great.

"Normally she's only at home for a short time, then she's off again on another voyage, so it's nice having her here. It's the most time she's spent at home since she left school and It was the first time I've seen her on Mother's Day itself for years!

Beth Smart at Asda Dewsbury

"She's danced since she was three – all the local dance schools – and she went to dance college in Preston. She's been dancing on cruise ships since she was 18 and she loves it.

"She starts work at Asda at 4am, but she gets up at 2am and does all her hair and make-up just like she would for the cruise ship!"

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