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Asda Tilehurst colleague Jennifer brightens up everyone's day

May 7, 2020 07:22pm
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Everyone at our Tilehurst store loves our checkouts colleague Jennifer Paul-Medford who's always got a smile on her face and likes to sing and dance at her till.

Jenny Paul-Medford at Asda Tilehurst

Regular shopper Jennie Hull got in touch to say that Jennifer was such an inspiration for the way she always brightened up her day.

Jennie said: "She is the most genuine person you would ever meet. She's bubbly, friendly and she listens too. She is just everything you need in a person. Even if people are having a down day she will change that. She's just that sort of person.

"I work in the hospital across the road from Asda and go there on my lunch hour and I always go up to see Jennifer just to say hello and we usually have a little singsong together. The customers there just love her."

Other shoppers think the world of our Jennifer too, with lots of people taking to a local Facebook group to say how much they appreciate her.

Here are just a few things people are saying about her:

Jennifer is an absolute Angel.. she always goes the extra mile to help people and she really does brighten everyone’s day....

She has always been the same even when we were kids, love her to bits

The life and soul of Asda Tilehurst. Wouldnt be the same without her. 💝👏

She's like this all the time, always cheers me right up ❤️

She’s brilliant, always happy, singing and laughing 🌈

I always leave smiling after going to her till such a cheerful lovely lady 🙂

She is an absolute star I have known her for years watched my children grow up and then seen them have there children

Jennifer Paul-Medford at Asda Tilehurst

Jennifer, a grandmother of seven who's been at the store for 25 years, says she really appreciates the lovely comments.

She said: "It is touching, but it's just the way I am. It's just me being me, as I don't know any different. Being happy doesn't cost anything. I always tell people that I'm a very contented soul.

"I love listening to Asda FM and I just like to burst into song and dance when something good comes on! I don't have anything specific whether it be Ed Sheeran or Elvis Presley – just anything that sounds good.

"Most of my customers join in – especially the OAPs. They'll say, 'Jen what are we doing today?'

"The reason why I'm the way I am on the till is because of the people I'm in contact with. If they come across with a positive vibe I'll give a positive vibe back."

The store's deputy manager Michelle Salisbury says Jennifer is the life and soul of the store.

She said: "She's so jolly and happy and always got a massive smile on her face at all times. She sings to all the songs on Asda FM and when she's on self scan she never walks she dances ... and I mean proper dancing!

"The customers absolutely love her and her colleagues do too. I've been at the store for just over two years and Jenny has always been the same. She's got a wicked, wicked sense of humour. She will be one of the last colleagues our customers see when they leave the store, so they leave with a smile on their face which is great."

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