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Twins from Asda Plymouth make scrubs for NHS while self-isolating

May 14, 2020 08:27am
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Identical twins Hannah Todd and Sandra Worsfold from our Plymouth store are at home at the moment under 12-week isolation guidelines for vulnerable colleagues – but it hasn't stopped them working hard and doing their bit for the NHS.

Twins Hannah and Sandra from Asda Plymouth are sewing scrubs for the NHS

The sisters, who have underlying heart issues, have worked on checkouts at our Asda Plymouth store for 13 years. They've been sewing lots of things including scrubs, scrub bags and thank you hearts for local hospitals.

Hannah and Sandra, who used to have their own dressmaking business before joining Asda, live two minutes apart from each other in Saltash, and are part of a 50-strong team called Scrubs for NHS Plymouth.

Hannah, pictured on the left above, and the oldest twin by ten minutes, said: "I saw something on Facebook saying they wanted people with sewing machines to help make gowns so that's how we got involved. There's about 50 of us and they deliver the rolls of fabric off and we cut everything out and stitch and then they pick up too.

Twins Hannah and Sandra from Asda Plymouth

"It's good to be doing something positive and helping the NHS. We've a lot of time on our hands at the moment and it gives us something to focus on each day during these strange times. Sandra's daughter, Christina, whose pictured with us the garden following social distancing, has been helping as well."

The scrub bags which they have made have been collected by Samantha, a nurse at Derriford Hospital, whose parents Dawn and Colin Pope also work at Asda Plymouth.

Samatha has also been picking up other item made by store colleagues including Debbie Tucker, who works on home and leisure.

The store's community champion, Johnny Lamas, says the work colleagues are doing to help the NHS is excellent. He said: "We are all very proud of them."

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