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Asda delivery driver Elaine loves to brighten up everyone's day

May 15, 2020 02:19 PM

Our wonderful home shopping driver Elaine Simmons loves putting smiles on customers' faces with her positive outlook on life and the colourful outfits she wears on her rounds from our Taunton store.

Regular customer Paula Camp, who's self-isolating at home with her eight-year-old son Alex, says Elaine is a star.

Paula said: "She's happy, jolly and friendly and that's what you want at the moment. She's been my driver for more than two years now and she is just lovely. She's really fun, loves to make people laugh and brightens up their day. She is very outgoing – and the outfits she wears are just great. She is so creative."

Elaine has also been doing extra shopping for Paula – something which she's extremely grateful for.

She said: "It was my son's eighth birthday – a birthday he actually shares with Elaine – and I was struggling to get eggs and flour to make a cake, but Elaine managed to get me some and delivered them to me in her own time. It is really kind of her."

Elaine, who's worked at the store for three years, says it's nice to be appreciated but insists she's only doing her job – something she loves.

She said: "Smiling costs nothing and you're using more muscles too! My motto is turn a frown upside down. I love the dressing up too – I'm in my element. I'm a bit barmy and crazy, but that's me.

"I deliver to a local care home and they are always saying 'you are so lively, happy and upbeat'. I just believe everybody should be treated like family. You treat your family nice so why wouldn't you treat customers the same and have a laugh?

"I've been delivering to a lady in Tiverton too who's not been able to go out as she's self-isolating and not too well, but she said to me that seeing my face had picked me up – and that's what it's all about. A smile doesn't hurt.

"Some customers don't manage to get everything with their shopping so I look out for them. Because they're self-isolating and can't get out, I will pick the items up and deliver in my own time. They text or phone me with what they need – I'm only too happy to help. I think it's a necessity to get these people what they want."

The store's community champion Mary Ulrico says Elaine is loved by everyone at the store.

She said: "She brightens up the whole store when she's in here. She is always smiling and singing. She is just so jolly – she has that immediate glow about her.

"Her customers adore her. They think she's fantastic and is always willing to go the extra mile. They can't wait to see her when she drops their shopping off on their doorstep. To some of them who are isolating she maybe the only person they see that day. They try to book slots for her as they love her so much.

"She has even been shopping and delivering to vulnerable and self-isolating customers in her spare time too.

"She always goes to town with her outfits, does Elaine. She is very popular in store and is always making cakes for her colleagues and when we raise money for Tickled Pink and BBC Children in Need she is always there. She is always willing to help with anything."