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Little Ria follows in the footsteps of her Asda family

June 03, 2020 05:24 PM

Four-year-old Ria Stanford-Williams wants to follow in the footsteps of her mum, dad and nan by working for Asda when she's older – and has set up her own mini-Asda at home so she can play shops while they're at work.

Ria's dad Roger Stanford is deputy manager at our Romford store, while mum Amy Pond and nan Sally Pond work at Asda Dagenham.

Ria asked her mum and dad if she could go to work with them but the lockdown meant that wasn't possible so they bought her a toy set so she could play shops in the comfort of the front room.

Grocery colleague Amy, who's worked at the store for 20 years, said: "Ria loves it. She's always putting the pretend food into paper bags and saying 'I'll get you this, and I'll get you that. Then she scans it for us.

"She really enjoys pretending she's at work. We've even made her her own name badge for her."

Ria also gets her nine-year-old brother Reece to buy things too.

Amy said: "He will get some money and she will tell him how much things cost."

Front-end colleague Sally, who's been with Asda for nearly 30 years, said: "At the moment they’re all living at my house which is lovely. I go to work at Asda and then come home and play shops with Ria all over again!"