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Tasha can't wait to hug her son again when the lockdown eases

June 03, 2020 10:51 AM

When lockdown started our dedicated colleague Tasha Selley made the tough decision not to see her diabetic son Harry so she could keep on working at our Swindon Haydon store and help customers get the essentials they need.

Now 10 weeks later, the mum of three is counting down the days until she can have him back home again and give him a huge hug!

Tasha, who's a service host, has only seen Harry from a distance since he moved out to live with his dad Richard in March.

They felt that because of Tasha being a key worker it was safer for 16-year-old Harry to stay full time with his dad who's currently on furlough. He usually stays with his dad once a fortnight.

Tasha, who's worked at the store for 13 years and is also a part-time swimming coach, said: "Harry finished school to do his GCSEs and a week later we were in lockdown. We decided that the safest thing for Harry would be if he moved in with his dad and his wife Katie. With Harry having Type One Diabetes we didn't want to put him at an unnecessary risk.

"On the day he left I'd worked 9 to 5. I just got home then Richard came over and got all his stuff. That was the last time I hugged Harry. It was just before Mother's Day too.

"Initially the shielding was for 12 weeks and we are ten weeks into that now so I'm not quite sure when he will be coming home. We are just waiting for Government advice.

"I live about 15 minutes away so I've walked down and have seen Harry from the door. I call him on the phone and text him each day saying I love him but it's not same. I've got my two girls here - Jasmine, who's 19, and Lucy, 13 and my partner Damien – but it's weird not having Harry here."

“I really miss having Harry here and can’t wait for him to be back, but it’s nice that he is getting to spend some quality time with his dad too.

"I don't really talk about it at work. I just come in and get on with it as I know lots of people are making sacrifices too. I love my job and team that we've got here is amazing."

The store's community champion Jane Atkin says the whole store is so proud of Tasha.

She said: "I think she is such an amazing lady. To not be able to see your child for 10 weeks is really hard. I’m not sure I could do it ! As a mother myself it’s the ultimate sacrifice. She's a great colleague always happy to help others and always comes to work with a smile on her face.

"She's been a star in store during the pandemic supporting colleagues and taking on extra shifts to support the front end team.

"We all know that she's so looking forward to the day when she can give Harry a lovely big squeeze and welcome him home again."

Store manager Ian Wallis says Tasha is an "amazing and dedicated colleague" who always goes “above and beyond" every time she comes to work.