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Kind-hearted Amanda pays for the shopping of an elderly customer who forgot his wallet

June 5, 2020 10:58am
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When a regular customer at our Nettleham Road store in Lincoln realised he'd left his wallet at home our wonderful colleague Amanda Jakobsone paid for the shopping herself and even took his bags round to his house for him.

Store manager Abi Robinson said the gentleman, Mr Ward, had come in to do his weekly shop, but had got a bit flustered when he couldn't find his wallet at the checkout.

She said: "We searched the store for it then he left for home to see if it was there. He left not realising he'd not only left his shopping, but his glasses case too which contained his address.

"Amanda decided to pay for the shopping and take them round to this home. She didn't want him to go without. The next day, Mr Ward came in to thank Amanda. He was beyond grateful."

Abi, who's nominated Amanda, for an Asda award said: "We're all so proud of her. It was a lovely and kind thing for her to do."

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