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Kevin dedicates his days off to help deliver essential supplies in Bristol

When Kevin Challice heard that Asda Patchway needed more delivery drivers to make sure vital supplies were delivered to vulnerable people during the Coronavirus outbreak, he didn’t think twice about what he needed to do.

June 11, 2020 11:24am
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Kevin, 37, was previously an Asda home shopping driver and had worked at the Patchway store in Bristol for three years before moving next door to The Deal Depot.

To help the store deliver to as many people as possible, Kevin gave up his days off and started working seven days a week at the peak of the pandemic.

He says that it wasn’t really ever a choice for him, as he recognised that many elderly and vulnerable members of the community were relying on these deliveries and says he feels lucky to have been able to help when it was needed most.

Kevin said: “We’re just so lucky that I work near a supermarket every day and can get everything we need. We noticed that a lot of people in our local area were struggling to get food delivered and I knew there was a need for more drivers.

“I said to my wife ‘I know it has been difficult for some people and they need more drivers, so would you mind me driving on my days off?’. I know so many people who aren’t in my situation and aren’t as lucky to have someone who is able to get the things they need.

“If it’s the difference between me having a day off and someone else going without food, I’d rather go in and help. And let’s face it, there isn’t much anyone can do at home at the moment.”

Kevin, who lives in Staple Hill with his wife and four children, says it was really rewarding to be able to help as he was often delivering to people he knew who were pleased to see him arrive.

“Everyone has been really pleasantly surprised when I turn up," he said. “I know the roads around this area really well, so always knew where to go to make each delivery in good time.

“My wife didn’t mind as she knew I was doing something helpful and that it wasn’t going to be permanent. I think she was just happy I was out of the house for a few more hours!”

Home Shopping Section Manager Kat Hopkins said: “Kev has been a real support to my team in Home Shopping. His commitment to doing the right thing for the community and team here at this crucial time has been second to none.

“Kev is a lively and energetic character and this really shines through in the level of service he delivers to customers. He is always a total pleasure to work with and will always do his best to support anyone in any way possible."

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