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Uniform gift is icing on cake for little Theo who's made a mini Asda at his home

July 3, 2020 08:07am
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Seven-year-old Theo Clark loves joining his mum Kim on their regular trips to Asda so much that he's set up his own replica store at home – with his nana Patricia installed as manager and Kim in charge of security.

Theo with Asda Harpurhey store manager Claire

And when Asda Harpurhey's community champion Christine Hazelhurst and store manager Claire Cowdell Harrison, pictured with Theo above, heard that Theo really wanted his own Asda uniform and name badge to complete his store, they were only too happy to help.

Kim says that Theo, who's on the autism spectrum and has epilepsy and sensory issues, has worn it every day since.

She said: "He was other the moon when he got his uniform. He loves it and now thinks he's a member of staff!

“We’ve shopped at Asda since he was little and Theo just loves everything about Asda. He's happy to go to Asda as a day out.

"I'd just like to say a massive thank you to Christine and Asda for what they have done. Words can't explain how grateful I am. I never imagined I'd be able to get him an Asda uniform. He’s been wanting one for so long.

"Asda went above and beyond for him because as well as the uniform they gave him a load of treats too which was lovely."

Theo's mini-Asda includes homemade social distancing signs, security cameras and even a colleague-only area.

“We've had to take photos of the social distancing signs and the Please Pay Here sign so he can make them just the same," said Kim, who normally shops at our nearby Shaw store.

"I've also had to buy a plastic screen for his till area too so it's the same as in the stores. He did make one out of cling film, but it kept falling apart so I got him a plastic one instead.

"We've got the automatic door sign, a Thank You For Shopping at Asda Shaw sign above the door and we have a picture of the manager Nana Clark – my mum, Patricia.

"We have a pharmacy area, a George area and a Staff Only sign on the door which leads to the kitchen. He's got a till which he's put on a box and coloured it in green! There's Asda signs all over the kitchen – I've drawn the signs and he's coloured them all in. They have to be perfect mind you.

"He thinks if people aren't doing social distancing properly then they should come to his house and see his signs.

"Theo's very into his role play and when we are playing my mum Patricia is the manager and I'm usually security. He draws cameras and I have to watch them.”

Asda Harpurhey store manager Claire says everyone at the store is delighted to see how much Theo loves his uniform.

She said: "We wanted to help Theo as we were blown away by the amount of time he had put into creating his Asda store at his home. He's even recreated our social distancing signs as well as entry signs.

"The look on Theo's face when we dropped off his uniform, lanyard and badges was truly priceless. He couldn't wait to change into them and get started."

Community champion Christine said: "Theo's whole life is centered around Asda – in fact his whole house has been turned into a mini-Asda. He's got everything in the house which he's done himself – even arrows on the floor and hand sanitiser.

"His mum contacted me to see if we could donate any Asda bits and pieces which would make his day, so we arranged for him to have an Asda green shirt and a sleeveless gilet. One of our checkout colleagues here, Sharon Brown, used to be a machinist, so she's altered them to fit a seven year old."

"When this lockdown is done and dusted we are going to get Theo in one Sunday afternoon when we're closed and just let him have a wander around when there's no one else in the store. And then he can have a look at every aspect of the store in peace and quiet and he can even wear his uniform too!"

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