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Weatherman Paul brightens up our customers' days as porter at Asda Shaw

July 6, 2020 01:13pm
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Our Shaw store's popular porter Paul Rudd is always smiling come rain or shine – and now he's fulfilled his dream by becoming a weather presenter on a local You Tube channel in his spare time.

Paul, who's worked at the store for 13 years, always brightens up our customers’ days whatever the weather with his bubbly personality and can-do attitude.

And now his friendly face is being seen by a new audience on the news and entertainment channel Your Manchester run by Canal Street Media.

Paul said: "I've been watching the show for two years and I've wanted to be a presenter on it for ages and then I saw an advert on Instagram saying that they were looking for people and it's something that I've always wanted to do.

“I emailed them and they said they were looking for a weather presenter and asked if I could do a 45-second weather report and that's how it all came about. I'm now the brand new weather presenter.

“I'm doing it from home at the moment because of social distancing, but I'm sure when everything is back up and running I'll be in the studio with them. I'm recording my report it in my back garden and I've a friend who helps me film it.

"I see a lot of weather working outside with the trolleys all the time, so that helps. But I just love my job. I love everyone I work with and the customers and I'm very, very proud to be working at Asda.

"Because I live in Shaw, I know a lot of the people who come to the store too which is really, really nice and everyone is dead friendly."

Paul’s section leader Sharon Gittens said: "Everyone just loves Paul here, especially the customers.

“It's just his personality and the fact that he's very helpful. He’s always smiling and helping people. He’s an essential part of our team.

"He helps us out no end. If anyone is sick, the first person we call is Paul and he will come in. He has even cancelled loads of holidays for us and to help us out.“

On his presenting role, she said: "It's absolutely brilliant. He's always wanted to do something like that. He's done quite a few YouTube videos but always wanted to get into presenting. He loves Cilla Black and Davina McCall – they’re his inspirations.”

Store manager said Paul Makin said colleagues were delighted for Paul.

He said: "He’s such a lovely bloke, who's always very welcoming to the customers. Even this week I got a thank you letter from a couple of customers who commended him. He's always happy come rain or shine. He's just one of those typical Asda colleagues who has a good way about them.

"Colleagues here love Paul and think it's great what he's doing. Reading the weather on TV is something he's always wanted to do and we're all rooting for him.”

Regular customer Steve Grice, a volunteer for the Teamhill charity, said Paul was a breath of fresh air.

He said: "I've been volunteering for a charity and have shopped over 150 times in the store in the last 15 weeks. In the early days we were all very scared about the virus, but Paul never stopped smiling and as he got to see us on the car park he would come over with a bright cheery greeting and ask how we were. We would have just a couple of minutes' chat which always makes you feel better with the world.

"The regulars all say hi to Paul as you're talking which proves just how popular Paul is. He's a great asset to the store."

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