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Michelle forms a special bond while helping blind customer Charlie with his weekly shop

July 8, 2020 09:48am
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72-year-old Charlie Everett, who’s been blind since birth, loves doing his regular shop at our Tottenham High Road store – and our colleague Michelle Barrett has formed such a close bond with him over the years that she knows his shopping list off by heart.

Regular customer Charlie Everett at Asda Tottenham

Charlie, who's a retired piano tuner, is helped by Michelle every time he calls in and says he wouldn't shop anywhere else thanks to the friendly welcome he gets from Michelle and her colleagues.

He said: "Michelle always helps me with my shop. She's a wonderful person. She's excellent and extremely efficient.

"I have my shopping list in my head and I just tell Michelle what I want as we go round and she'll put it in the trolley, then she helps me through the checkout too. We always have a good old chat when we're going round. She certainly makes shopping for me a lot easier.

"The store here is fantastic. During the pandemic there's been no problems at all. I've always been able to get in here and get my stuff. Michelle and the team here are always good to me."

Michelle, who's 44, and has worked at the store site since 1996, said: "I know exactly what Charlie needs every day – I know what he likes and dislikes. In fact most of the colleagues here know too in case I'm not in or on holiday.

"During the lockdown Charlie sent a helper in and they were asking for certain things and I thought they sounded like Charlie's ... and they were! So I took him round and got all his stuff.

"I have a good chat with Charlie when we go round as he's really friendly. As soon as colleagues see Charlie come into the store they call me on the tannoy!"

The store's assistant manager Kofi Mensah said: "We are all very proud here with the way she helps Charlie, and especially what she's done during the pandemic. She's been very bold and we all appreciate what she has done. She provides him with amazing service and is a credit to herself and Asda."

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