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Nine-year-old Mia bakes cake to thank Asda Kingshill for helping during coronavirus

July 17, 2020 04:23pm
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A big thank you to nine-year-old Mia Edwin who baked this lovely chocolate cake for the keyworkers at our Kingshill store to thank them for everything they've been doing during the last few months.

Mia, who goes to Valley Invictus Primary School, also wrote a wonderful thank-you letter saying: "I have made you all a cake to say that since Covid-19 has come you have kept your shop open and people have got food and all they need. You have done so much hard work, I don't think people realise that. Nothing bad can happen when you're around."

Her mum Tina said: "She is a really sensitive caring chid and I think she recognises that a lot of people have gone unapplauded, I think, through Covid. She just came up to me and said 'I really want to make a cake for the staff at Asda to say thank you' and I thought it was a beautiful idea.

"The store's on our doorstep as we live at Kingshill and we are there al the time. When she handed the cake over it was the first time that she has been in the store since lockdown.

"She loves baking and we do a lot of baking at home, and with Covid we've had lots of time to do more baking at home. But in this instance she chose the cake and the ingredients and got really involved with it – she was hands-on from start to finish.

"When we handed over the cake they seemed very chuffed and gave her a big thank you – and I hope that they've enjoyed it.

"We are all incredibly proud of Mia. She's also done some incredible art work that we've put on our windows as a thank you to the NHS too."

Phil Jay, the store's George and general merchandising trading manager, who was handed the cake by Mia said: "It was a really sweet gesture from Mia as these little things mean so much at the moment. The cake was lovely and our colleagues loved it."

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