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Hayley's proud to make a difference helping local good causes at Asda Sutton in Ashfield

Asda Sutton in Ashfield community champion
September 07, 2020 08:49 AM

Our Sutton in Ashfield store's wonderful community champion Hayley Carrington has been supporting local charities, groups and good causes for the last 10 years. Here she blogs about her work...

I work very closely with a number of different community groups: I help out at the local food bank on a Friday, support a local mother and baby group on a Wednesday, and work with a local OAP group on the first Tuesday of the month.

We do lots of awareness events in-store too – so there's never a dull moment!

Supporting the food bank is really important. Our store provides donations of toiletries on a regular basis, and our generous customers are always helping by leaving donations at the permanent collection point in the store.

I love working with local schools too, though obviously that hasn't been possible in recent months. I've held activities like fruit tasting at schools and arranged for them to visit the store. Some of the children tried fruit they had never tried before and it's always wonderful to see their reactions.

One of my proudest moments was meeting the Duke of Duchess of Cambridge at a ‘fields in trust’ event. Prince William shook my hand and did the pocket tap! The Queen was there too but I only saw her from a distance.

A lot of local good causes have been on our community board and received support from the green token scheme. I still visit some of these groups and support when needed.

I supported our local Newcross Community Church who had a holiday grant from the Asda Foundation which they used to buy lots of outdoor games and fun things for the local children to do, as well as providing healthy meals throughout the school holidays.

The groups I support always tell me that I am a vital part of their team. The support Asda gives the local groups helps them to keep going and carry on doing a great job in our community.

Last year we raised £20,693 at our store for Tickled Pink, BBC Children in Need, the Poppy Appeal, Asda Foundation grants and Green Token Giving. It's a huge total and one I'm really proud to have helped with. When you add in in-store fundraising from community groups through things like sponsored bag packs it will take it over £22,000. Thank you to everyone who's helped make it all possible.