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Our Motherwell store's community champion Bernadette is passionate about helping others

Our Motherwell store’s community champion Bernadette Hart is one of 380 Asda community champions who are on hand to support local charities, groups and good causes. Here she blogs about her role…

By Bernadette Hart (Asda Motherwell)

September 9, 2020 10:16am
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I began my time as an Asda colleague in January 2013 and moved into my role as a community champion in March of 2014. I love every minute of my job and over the lockdown period I was delighted to be able to help people who needed the extra support due to the pandemic.

Over the last year, I have given my support to 63 organisations and charities, and in 2019 I helped raise £8,949.80 for the local community - supporting key initiatives in the Motherwell area, as well as raising funds for Cash for Kids, Tickled Pink and Children in Need.

The support of these groups took many forms, from fundraising in store to bag packing at the tills or having a collection point at the community board. This gave me the chance to speak to customers on their way past and letting them know where the money they donated would be used. I would normally also attend events out and about in the community to help them fundraise – this is a great way to really get to know the people the money will be helping but this is obviously a little bit different these days due to Covid-19. I’ve also helped with the donation of raffle prizes and refreshments for organisations that are organising table quizzes as a way of raising money - some of these groups don’t have a lot of disposable income, so it’s nice to be able to help in any small way.

I’m delighted to be able to say that all of the groups I work with have noticed the impact of my help and support. We have a wide range of groups in our area, one of which is Autism Take 5. They are a group made up of parents and carers of young children and adults that identify as having autism. This group caters for all, holding weekly meetings for the parents and carers as well as monthly get togethers to allow the children to have some well needed fun!

MS Society Lanarkshire is another a locally run group that holds monthly meet ups, as well as putting on exercise and massage classes for their attendees, which are vital for people with such illnesses. The Nitty Natter group is a knitting club for all ages who meet twice a week for a chitchat and to pass on their knowledge of the craft to others. These are just some of the many groups we help through the donations of tea, coffee and biscuits which allows them to save the funding they receive for equipment and other essentials.

I really couldn’t pinpoint just one of my experiences as my proudest, as each group I have worked with over the years makes me equally as proud! I am grateful for every opportunity I am given and can’t wait to meet more incredible people along the way.

The groups love that Asda send a representative out into the community. It shows how the store wants to help community groups in the area and wants to actually make our communities better. Each and every grant and every minute of time spent with these groups doesn’t go unnoticed and they are always so appreciative of our help. Meeting all the groups allows us to update our customers and tell them about the wide variety of people we support plus the groups raise their profile from working with Asda – so everyone wins!

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