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Blind customer Michael loves shopping at Asda Peckham thanks to Harry's service

September 17, 2020 10:11am
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Michael Spooner, who's been registered blind since he was 21, shops in our Peckham store at least twice a week – and he's developed such a special bond with our fabulous colleague Harry Turner that he says he'd be lost without him.

Harry helps Michael round the store, picking up items off the shelves and telling Michael about any special offers before guiding him through checkouts, packing his bags and then taking him to the top of the stairs so he can leave the store safely.

Fifty-five-year-old Michael, who runs his own management consultancy business, said: "I do try to make sure that I come in on the days that Harry's working as we've got a special relationship. Other staff members do help me, but Harry's the dude, he's the main man. We have a good relationship and I'd be lost without him.

"When you're blind you don't want any hassle when you go shopping, you want to get the shopping done quickly and that's what Harry does. He makes it a hassle-free shopping experience for me. He's cool.

"When we go round the store we have a good chat and catch up on things. What blind people want is routine. They want someone who understands you, can deal with you and cope with you.

"What generally happens is that I take his arm and he takes me round. He generally know what I want. When he picks the stuff off the shelves he makes sure I get the best deals and the sell-by dates are as long as possible too. He does this quickly and efficiently as we zig zag around people in the store.

"He then helps me through checkouts, puts the shopping in the bags and then he takes me to the top of the stairs so I can get out safely. Harry has got it all off to a tee now!

"I'd like to thank Harry for all that he does for me. He's a star and a credit to Asda."

Harry, who's 25 and has worked at the store for six years, said: "I've been helping Michael now for the past few years. He lives quite close to the store and comes in a few times a week.

"He always asks for me when he comes in and he takes my arm and I guide him round. He has his list in his head and he just tells me what he wants and I pick them and put them in the basket. As I've been doing it for so long I know the things that he likes and dislikes.

"We get on really well and always have a chat as we go round whether it's about politics or funny stories. It's nice to get praise for helping, but I'm just doing my job. It does make you feel good about yourself though."

Store manager Shahinuz Zaman, who nominated Harry for an Asda award, said: "Michael always compliments Harry's great service and we are all proud of him in store.

"He's been helping Michael for a few years now and always asks for him when he comes in .

"Harry's always on hand to help Michael with his shopping, going round the store with him and guiding him. They always have a good chat too. He's got to know Michael and knows his preferences. Michael has a shopping list and Harry get the products off the shelves for him. Nothing is too much trouble."

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