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Caring Candice makes sure little Bonnie-Rose gets a new uniform after fire at her home

September 29, 2020 10:08 AM

When our West Swindon store's community champion Candice Pridden heard that four-year-old Bonnie-Rose had lost her uniform in a house fire days before starting school she knew what she needed to do.

Candice contacted Bonnie’s mum, Carly Giddings, who gave her a list of sizes and items that had been lost in the fire.

Carly says she never expected to receive nearly everything on her wish list, but Candice managed to replace the youngster’s shoes, school bag and coat, along with essential items such as her pinafore and socks.

"I couldn’t believe it when I saw what Candice had done," Carly said. "She’d chosen her coat and bag and everything. Bonnie loves her shoes with rainbows and unicorns on the bottom – she keeps lifting up her feet to show everyone!”

Although Bonnie’s room wasn’t affected by the fire, her original uniform was damaged by the smoke.

With school starting in a matter of days, mum Carly says there couldn’t have been a worse time to have to go out and look for new uniform when shops were running low on most items.

She said: "Candice was just amazing. I couldn’t believe how much she was able to find in her sizes and how brilliant Asda were. I didn’t have to think of anything."

Candice picked a pink coat, glittery school bag and unicorn shoes with Bonnie in mind, who was thrilled with her new items.

Candice said: "This is why we have the emergency fund, to be able to help in situations like this. I picked a lovely pink coat and a sparkly bag, as we weren’t able to get exactly the same as Bonnie had before, but I knew she would like them. I’m so pleased that she loved what I had picked for her and we were able to help."

Deputy store manager Craig Commander said: "I’m really proud of Candice for quickly getting in touch and making a difference here.

"No-one can imagine how difficult it must be to start school for the first time and have lost all of your uniform in this way. It’s great we were able to step in to help Bonnie and her family."