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'Marvel' pharmacy colleague Denise forms special bond with 91-year-old customer Vera

October 2, 2020 10:31am
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Ninety-one-year-old widow Vera Tether was getting a little confused by all the different tablets she takes for various ailments – so for four months our pharmacy colleague Denise Ledger has been calling round or phoning three times a day to check she's OK and is taking her medication properly.

Denise Ledger from Asda Hull Mount Pleasant and customer Vera Tether

Denise, who works at our Mount Pleasant store in Hull, took it upon herself to keep in daily contact with Vera even on her days off, and the two have now struck up a really close friendship.

Vera, who's lived in Hull all her life, said: "Denise called round or rang me on the phone all the time to make sure I was taking the right medication and at the right times as I was getting a little confused. She was going beyond the bounds of goodwill by looking after me like that.

"She's a marvel, she really is. I love her. We are very good friends now and she still calls me and pops round to see me."

Asda Hull Mount Pleasant pharmacy colleague Denise Ledger

Denise, who's worked at the store for 16 years and in the pharmacy for six, says Vera is a special lady and she's only too happy to be able to help her.

She said: "She's wonderful and I love her to bits.

"We had done a Nomad tray for Vera setting out the medication all week for her, but she was still getting a bit confused. I started ringing her in a morning, at teatime and on a night even from home to say 'you need to take your medication.' I went round to her house on occasions too as it's not far from the store to give her the medication both during work hours and from home too.

"She had my private number so she could ring me whenever she needed to and was worried about anything."

Denise has now helped to arrange for carers to give Vera give her her medication.

Vera's youngest son Russell called in at the store to thank Denise for all her help – and she's now been nominated for an Asda award for her excellent customer service.

Denise said: "I was quite surprised to be nominated for award as you don't do it to be nominated do you? As far as I was concerned I was just doing my job. It's a job I love and I love my customers."

Russell said: "I can't praise Denise enough for what she's done. She's just a very caring person who has really gone above and beyond for my mam.

"On one occasion, when Denise called round my mam had taken too many tablets by accident so we had to take her to hospital. I think Denise going round there when she did may have saved her life.

"She has become like a daughter to my mam and they've become firm friends. To call her or go round to see her every day, even on her days off, is just amazing."

Store pharmacist Bismarck Bortier says Denise is a credit to the team and the store.

He said: "Denise is such a popular colleague and so customer centred. She really cares about her patients. She always goes the extra mile to make sure her patients get the best care.

"We often send members of the team out to help patients, but Denise's caring for Vera was something else. To call Vera every day for four months – even on her days off and no matter what time of the day – is really going above and beyond. They have developed such a strong bond now too."

His sentiments were echoed by store manager Chris Coventry, who said: "Denise is a fantastic colleague and we're so proud of her. You've got to be a very caring person to work in that environment and Denise certainly is."

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