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Sisters Leah and Phoebe just love dressing up and playing with their new toy Asda shop

October 6, 2020 01:17pm
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When our West Swindon store's community champion Candice Pridden heard how much Leah and Phoebe Webb love their new toy Asda shop she arranged for them to have George uniforms to make playtime even more exciting.

Their mum Sarah, who regularly shops in the store with three-year-old Leah and Phoebe, who's eight, says the girls adore their uniforms and that she can't thank Candice enough.

She said: "I first met Candice when I was looking for something in store and I couldn't find it, so I asked her for help. She showed me and she then started talking to my girls. She was absolutely lovely. Now, every time I go in with the girls they always ask to see Candice! She's made something of an impact on them.

"We told Candice that Leah's grandad got her an Asda toy shop for her birthday and the next thing I know Candice has gone and got the girls George tops, lanyards and name badges. They were well chuffed. They love them

"Although it's Leah's present, Phoebe plays with the shop too and the uniforms made everything more perfect. Leah loves her top so much she asked me if she could wear it to nursery. We are so thankful for what Candice has done, it was so sweet of her!

Candice, pictured above with Leah and Pheobe, says she loves seeing the girls in the store and that they are "rays of sunshine".

She said: "When Sarah messaged me with a picture of Leah with her new toy Asda shop I knew how excited she would be.

"To complete their play set I thought it only right to get them some Asda tops, lanyards and name badges. They even popped by my house to show me their new outfits too! I was really happy to help."

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