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Three-year-old Austin's all smiles in his own specially-made Asda uniform

October 09, 2020 01:14 PM

Three-year-old Austin gets so excited to see the Asda home shopping drivers who deliver to his home in Bristol each week that, while his friends dress up as superheroes when they play, the outfit he really wanted was his own Asda uniform.

So when our team at Asda Home Office in Leeds received a request from his aunt Laura to "make his dream come true" they had some Asda T-shirts specially made with Austin's name on them.

Laura said: "He gets really excited when the Asda delivery comes and just wants to help the driver carry the shopping in and put it away. He likes that element of shopping. When the driver arrives Austin has to just stop what he's doing so he can race to the door to help.

"While other three-year-olds love superhero costumes, he wanted an Asda dressing up costume so I tweeted asking Asda if they could make a small T-shirt for him.

"I'd really like to thank Asda for going above and beyond for Austin. It's made his dream come true. When he opened the T-shirts he was so surprised – it was like Christmas Day. He was really chuffed with it. As soon as he put it on he wanted to go and do an Asda shop!"

Austin – who wears his T-shirts all the time – sent a special video message in which he said: "Thank you Asda, I'm ready to help!"

His mum Liane says the family has been getting a regular weekly deliveries for the past few years – and it's a highlight of the week for Austin.

She said: "Austin gets so excited when the van comes. We usually have it delivered on a Friday night and he stays up specially! He loves to talk to the drivers – they all know him. Then he helps to unpack it all."

Liane says that when they go to one of the three local Asda stores nears them - Whitchurch, Bedminster or Weston-super-Mare – Austin is in his element.

"He just loves going to Asda and likes to fill up the trolley!' said Liane. "He says he wants to work for Asda when he gets older."

Our social media manager Jess Kelly, who helped to arrange the special tops, says she and her colleagues were only too happy to make Austin's dreams come true.

She said: "It was just so nice that we could make Austin happy and put a smile on his face. You can tell that it means so much to him. He looks so cute in his green Asda top. Welcome to the team, Austin!"